Anuvahood – **

Posted: February 24, 2012 in 2011, Comedy, Parody, UK, XX

Last year I went to see New Kids Turbo, a Dutch (action) comedy about some low-lives in the Southern Netherlands. A really bad movie, but one that made me laugh. The same thing applies for this British ‘urban’ comedy from the (not so dangerous) hood! It’s really not a good movie at all, just a series of sketches, but I laughed quite a lot. Even if I didn’t understand half of what they said.

What made me laugh was the over-exaggerated acting of the two main stars of the movie: Adam Deacon and Richie Campbell. The former also directed the movie, which is quite a feat for such a young kid. The latter just is the real star of the movie. I thought he was already a well experienced comedy actor, but apparently this is his first major role: respect!

Adam Deacon is Kenneth, who goes by the name of K to his friends. The rest of the neighborhood still calls him Kenneth though, much to his frustration. He’s a wanna be tough guy, who still sucks his thumb when asleep, is afraid of his 6-year-old sister, gets upset because the local deli doesn’t sell Frutella candy anymore, etc… You get the picture. He hangs out with four nerdy guys who all look very gay in their attempt to look cool. Yet they are a ‘posse’ and just required a new member: Enrico, an Spanish-speaking exchange student who has more swagger than they do. K loses his jobs, learns his parents have financial problems, decides to sell drugs and gets into trouble with Tyrone, the drug dealer of his neighborhood, the role played by Richie Campbell…

Sometimes, while watching these movies and actually laughing with the jokes, I felt 15! I don’t think many adults will actually like this movie at all. This is really made for a very young audience. However, the end gets really violent though, which totally spoils the goofy atmosphere. And that’s my main problem with this movie. As long as it’s goofy, it’s cool. But the excessive use of drugs and the violence at the end just doesn’t make sense. A) Why include those scenes in a movie for kids? and B) There’s no way that the audience will believe that a loser like K will actually dare to confront Tyrone. Or that Tyrone is scary for real! Yeah. That just didn’t make sense at all.

But several sketches were funny though. The sex scene between Tyrone and one his lady friends is hilarious. It’s probably the most insane sex scene I’ve ever seen in a movie including sucking ketchup from a woman’s foot! The humor reminds you a bit of Ali G In Da House and apparently people see it as a London version of Friday, which I will have  a look at one day.

Yeah. When you’re fifteen or want to feel fifteen, watch this. It’s cheap on iTunes (99 cents). That’s the price of a Snicker! And you enjoy it longer. Oh, and I loved the soundtrack.


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