Six Feet Under – Season 5 – **

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Drama, TV series, USA, XX

Five years ago, I was hooked on Six Feet Under. But for some reason I never finished season 5. This time around I decided to give it another try and managed to watch it until the end. After episode 3 I remembered why I never finished the season: it’s BORING! And depressing and mega-negative. Every single character just complains a little bit more than the other one. There’s never a moment of joy or laughter. It’s just very dark, with almost no light at the horizon whatsoever. I read somewhere that everyone died at the end and that pushed me to continue. But the finale was as disappointing as all the rest.

The coolest ingredients of the series are still there, but they get covered by tv soap-like sentiment. All the crying! The only difference with bad tv series is that there’s no product placing of Kleenex and that the actors are actually acting great. My favorite part of the show are the deaths in the beginning of each episode. People die in the most peculiar ways. In season 5 people die after a cougar attack (the animal, not a MILF), after having been pushed and landed with the face on a sharp metal stick and been run over by their own car!!!! Also still typical are the dreams and thought that are visualized, but where you sometimes don’t figure out what is real and what is not in the previous seasons, here’s it’s always very clear when someone is dreaming or phantasizing and when not. Apart maybe in the end with Brenda and Billy.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen all season of the show. If you haven’t, start watching the first two seasons and then maybe stop. It’s a show about a family of undertakers who have their own demons to deal with and who are surrounded by the most fascinating psychologically fucked up characters you’ll ever get to meet. I guess five years ago I was happy to watch (fictitious) people who were much worse off then me. Now I just felt sorry for them.

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