The Iron Lady – **

Posted: March 4, 2012 in 2011, biopic, Drama, UK, XX

Meryl Streep won a third Oscar for her interpretation of Margeret Tatcher in this biopic. She deserves it, she’s amazing. As always actually. But I liked her more in Julia Julia or Doubt to name just two other movies she was nominated for. Maybe because those were better movies. This Iron Lady just didn’t intrigue me that much. Mainly because it focused on the old Margeret Tatcher who starts to have Alzheimer’s disease. She reminisces at time’s gone as she needs to clean out the closet of her diseased husband. The depiction of a woman with Alzheimer’s who at times realizes that she’s getting very sick in the head is really good, but it’s been done better before in Away From Her with Julie Christie. The biopic about the life of the first female prime minister in Europe however, is a total failure. You don’t get to learn anything at all about this woman, just facts that you can read on wikipedia as well. The makers should have either focused more on the struggle of a female politician becoming so powerful, popular and detested. OR they should have focused about the struggle of an old lady with a terrible disease. But not both. I’m done with constant flashbacks.

** though because Meryl Streep is excellent as the old Margeret Tatcher who keeps on talking to her husband as if he is still alive, sometimes realizing that she’s just going crazy. She does it with a slight sense of humor. Not sure if the real Tatcher talked/looked/acted like that, but the character Streep plays does it very believable.


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