Todas Las Azafatas Van Al Cielo / Every Stewardess Goes To Heaven – *

Posted: March 6, 2012 in 2002, Argentina, Drama, Spain

A man takes a plane to Ushuaia to scatter the ashes of his diseased wife on the exact location of where they first met. After he checks in at the hotel, he watches an item on tv about people peacefully dying in the snow. In the room next door is a stewardess who arrived on the same flight and fears of being pregnant. She also falls asleep watching the same tv show. Both meet the next day in a snowy landscape supposedly trying to commit suicide individually. They decide to go back and hang out. A bit like La Fille Sur Le Pont, but then filmed on a low-budget in the southernmost part of Argentina.

I always feel bad dissing a low-budget movie, but sometimes it’s SO obvious that it starts to annoy. It’s like the movie team was in Ushaia for 5 days when the weather was bad and they only had three or four locations where they could film. Every scene could only be recorded in one take, preferably at night. And preferably ten minutes long. You can make a good movie with those limitations, but then the story should be different. If I start watching a movie taking place in Ushuaia where people intend to die slowly just by letting themselves be caught by the cold of a snow storm, then I want to see snow. I want to see a white glare on the screen. Not something grey. Unfortunately a lot of the poetry that couldn’t be visualized is read out in a voice over. I’m sure it’s very poetic in Spanish, but the beauty was lost in translation. Even the jokes were very linguistic and didn’t translate well. But the main problem why I didn’t like this movie that much is that there was no passion in this love story. I just didn’t believe that these two strangers were supposed to meet and find each other. Sorry

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