Skoonheid – **

Posted: March 13, 2012 in 2011, Drama, LGBT themed, South Africa, XX

Hm. This is one disturbing movie. It’s the kind of movie where you’re interested in what’s going to happen to the main character even though you’re totally hating his guts. It’s actually quite a feat from the director and from the actor in the lead role to make you feel so disgusted. That and the fact that there are some awesome cinematic elements which re-occur a few times make it really worth the watch. But you need to be very open-minded I guess.

The cinematic elements that I just loved were quite simple actually, but I can’t recall having seen them been used so effectively before. The director loves to film a scene where the important action is taking place somewhere outside of the centre of the screen. I think that’s just awesome, how you get deceived by looking at all kinds of things and almost miss out on what’s really important. He also loves to film conversations of people without the sound, which works wonderfully here.

I knew nothing of the story, which was a good thing. Sometimes it’s great to be surprised. Had I known more, I probably wouldn’t have bothered watching. There’s two disturbing scenes that you could warn people about, but it’s part of the intention of the movie to get the shock effect. All you need to know is that it deals about a macho South African wood supplier who’s having some serious issues with his sexuality.

I would have liked to learn more about the past of this man and a bit more about the other family members, such as his grown up daughters and his cheating wife. It would have made me understand the man’s behavior a bit more. Now I just feel sorry for this guy and I consider him very sad and sick in the head. I could also see him as a lonely, frustrated and traumatic man in a midlife crisis. But I don’t. He’s just a sad and sick creep.

Curious? I hope so. It’s really not a bad movie at all even though some scenes are just too long.

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