Blessuretijd – **

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Comedy, Netherlands, XX

Stayed in and watched tv. Saw this stand up comedy show, which made me laugh a lot. Had never heard of Daniël Arends before, but I need to check his earlier work now. Difficult to describe his humor for an English-reading audience. There’s wasn’t really a theme or so. The guy just talks and vents his thoughts, about all kinds of stuff. About kakkers (dumb people who live a rich lifestyle), having worked at he postal office, the inability of women to listen, and celebrities Wendy van Dyk en Chris Segers, etc… So you do have to know a bit about Dutch society to get the jokes. He has a billiard table on stage at which he plays from time to time. He does interact with the audience, which works quite well. He’s pretty arrogant and offensive. But he’s Dutch, so you can’t expect anything else. I liked it a lot. Tried to translate stuff on here, but it just didn’t work. As Daniel says: only 20% of communication is verbal and 80% are gestures and expressions. So when his wife tells him he promised to do the dishes and he didn’t, he looks and says: “honey, I may  have said yes, but 80 percent of my body language was very clear I didn’t want to do it”.

Attempted translations:

“The best thing about you and me is…. me”

“Why would you need to know how things are prepared when you visit friends who have invited you? You give me food, I eat it and then it becomes shit. Why should I care about how shit is prepared?”

“So many people get children to save their relationship. Why don’t we see that in the names of those babies?” “My child will be called ‘Weonlymadeyoubecausewehopedtosaveourmarriage’ Arends.

“Vegetarians eat plants because they don’t want to kill animals. But if they keep eating all the plants, the animals will die too. And it will be a slow death!”

“I started working at the postal office and let me tell you, if you want to work at the postal office you need to care a little tiny bit about people actually receiving certain letters they are waiting for, which I didn’t.”


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