Young Adult – **

Posted: April 1, 2012 in 2011, Comedy, Dramedy, USA, XX

Charlize Theron is amazing in this dark dramedy about a 37-year-old fucked up prom queen bitch. She plays one of the weirdest movie characters I’ve ever seen on-screen and does it so well you actually believe this character is for real. But in the end, regardless of an amazing performance, I didn’t like the movie that much. I just expected more from the makers of Up In The Air. It’s not a parody, it’s not a satire. It’s nothing really. If it weren’t for Charlize it would be crap.

The movie deals about a ghost writer who lives in the big city (Minneapolis) and just got divorced. She has no children, writes serial books for young adults and feels great having left her boring home town to become someone ‘important’. She’s living a wasted life, drinking too much alcohol, having meaningless sex, not caring about healthy nutrition at all. But at least she didn’t stay where she grew up! Because – as she mentions to a friend while putting on a new cigarette and staring into nothingness – she has a ‘life’ and the others don’t.

While experiencing a writer’s block and feeling stress from her publisher to finish the last episode of a book series, she receives a message from her ex boyfriend in high school who just became a dad. She takes it as an inspiration for her last story and returns home to get the boyfriend back she was ‘bound to be with’ anyways…

When movie or tv characters decide to go back to their home town, they normally have made it in their new life and are coming to terms with the environment they wanted to escape from. (Sweet Home Alabama for instance) In this movie however, the character doesn’t appreciate at all where she’s coming from and doesn’t realise at all that she is actually the one who didn’t move on with life and made a mess out of it. There’s something utterly appalling about this character. She was a bitch in high school and she still is a bitch, but unlike other uptight bitches you see on-screen this one is a slacker bitch who actually listens to cool music and kind of lives the life you would expect from the alternative geek from high school and not from the prom queen.

The freaky side of her is fascinating. She’s hailing more shots of alcohol than any Mickey Rourke character, she hangs out with the crippled nerd she used to blatantly ignore when she was young, she is cynical times two, speaks volumes with facial expressions and is just plain wild. The slutty vamp, who tries to steal her old boyfriend back is superficially weak. It just doesn’t make sense. Yet, it keeps you intrigued. Unfortunately the movie isn’t leading to a big finale and the whole point of the movie is already made in the first scenes. But Charlize is awesome and in a way perfect for this part: an incredibly beautiful woman not afraid to embrace her ugly side.


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