Submarine – 1/2

Posted: April 2, 2012 in 1/2, 2010, Coming Of Age, Drama, UK

I’ll start with the good thing: Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys composed the music for this coming of age story set in Wales and probably based on some autobiographical book. Can’t be bothered to verify that, because, well, it’s not worth it. 99 cent rentals on iTunes can sometimes be surprisingly interesting, but this one isn’t. What a slow-paced boring piece of egocentric nostalgic crap! Truth be told: I fast forwarded parts in the end, then rewinded because I thought I had missed something, then fast forwarded again because I didn’t miss anything at all. Maybe I’m just getting too old to be interested in the troubled life of teenagers, but this story takes place in the eighties when I was a teenager! And it sure isn’t meant for today’s youth. Yet, I couldn’t relate to anything at all. Here you have a kid, let’s call him a chap since this is a British movie, who at times gets bullied in school and at other times bullies other kids. He experiences his first love with another weirdo from school who then dumps him after a while. He suspects his mother to be cheating on his dad with the new neighbor. And so on. Well, actually, nothing more on. It’s a pretty dark coming of age story with no humor at all. Unless the trailer makes you laugh or smile, which it didn’t in my case. But if you like the trailer, you may actually like the movie. Fair enough?


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