A Night To Remember – **1/2

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Classic, Documentary, Drama, Historical, UK, XX1/2


Couldn’t resist renting this 99 cent rental on iTunes as a memory to the Titanic which sunk a hundred years ago. I’m sure I’ve seen this movie before when I was a kid. The sinking of the Titanic has always left a big impression on me, ever since the discovery of the wreck in 1985. I even liked the James Cameron movie back in 1997 and I’m thinking of seeing it again in 3D now. But before I do that, I wanted to watch what is considered the best movie about the horrible event.

The best? I’m not sure. I think Cameron’s Titanic is much more impressive. But this is a great classic that doesn’t bore at all. The special effects are limited. Hey, the actual sinking is a joke. But I liked how the story was told. Very factual and chronological with a certain critique on the class differences that caused so many less-off people to find their death. I also found it interesting to look at the acting in this movie. Since most characters only have brief moments in the movie, they are more extra’s with a few lines than actors. Some just have to look up and say something in distress, which leads to a lot of amateur overacting! But the main actors do what they have to do. Kenneth More is great as the second lieutenant, but especially Michael Goodliffe as the builder of the ship impresses. Not sure if the characters they portray really acted so calm in reality, but they bring a certain calmness to the movie that keeps you intrigued. You know how it will end, but you stay interested in seeing how the passengers might have reacted. After all, we can only guess.

There’s a new BBC series about the event as well, which I haven’t seen. But now’s the time to do so. I may just go to the movies and see Kate and Leo again.

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