2 Days In New York – 0

Posted: April 21, 2012 in 2011, Belgium, Comedy, France, Germany


Julie Julie Julie. Why do you want to make comedies? You suck at it. Is this really your best attempt to make a funny cross-cultural comedy? It’s boring.There’s absolutely nothing funny in it at all. I didn’t even laugh once. The idea – Afro-American dates French girl who has her family over for a visit – could have been nice. If only it had funny scenes. But really, Julie. This is Adam Sandler humor. It’s not funny!!!!! Why Why Why? And does this movie show you how you see the French? Please…

Chris, I liked you in this movie. You’re the only reason why I finished this piece of crap. And you weren’t even funny. You just acted like WTF all the time, just the way I felt watching this movie. WTF? Yeah, Chris, it was nice to see you NOT be funny for a change. I hope you do it more.


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