An Education – *1/2

Posted: April 21, 2012 in 2009, Coming Of Age, Drama, Romance, UK, USA, X1/2

After having seen this movie I can only conclude that my favorite fiction writer Nick Hornby isn’t perfect. He wrote the script for this coming of age movie about a 17-year-old who’s smart enough to go to Oxford university but decides to live life by hanging out with an older boyfriend who takes her to concerts, on city trips to Paris and makes her an accomplice of his criminal job.

It sounds like something interesting, but it isn’t really. As the end credits stroll you wonder what the point of it all was. It wasn’t a funny movie, it wasn’t romantic, it didn’t really have a message. Okay, it makes the audience think about what’s more interesting: going to university and graduating with a degree to end up leading a boring life OR take any opportunity you get to experience exciting things. Sorry, you can also GO to the university and experience the fun things either during your studies or afterwards. So it’s pretty sad to tell a story from the perspective that you can’t combine both. But hey, it’s a story about a 17-year-old girl, which I am not. Which Nick Hornby isn’t either. That said. the acting was really good.

I’m still waiting for A Long Way Down to be made into a movie. Didn’t Johnny Depp by the rights for that story?

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