Blue Valentine – ***1/2

Posted: April 26, 2012 in 2010, Drama, Romance, USA, XXX1/2

FINALLY!!! Wow, finally a movie that I loved.

Was a bit worried putting this in the dvd player. The movie deals about a love marriage gone bad and that’s not exactly a cheerful premise. But this is an awesome movie: great acting, great script, great soundtrack and the coolest end credits!

Ryan Gosling has already impressed me in Drive and The Ides Of March, but he’s even more interesting in this movie. I don’t know what it is with this guy, but he gives a uniqueness to the characters he plays that nobody else can do. I’m still not really sure if he’s a very good actor though as I feel that he’s just lucky with the roles he accepts. Dean, the character he plays here, is again very complex. He’s a bit of a loser, good-hearted, romantic, sweet, crazy, talented, youthful and somewhat naive. And Gosling can show ALL these things by just being Gosling.

Michelle Williams hasn’t really impressed me before. (I still haven’t seen My Week With Marilyn) But she gives a great performance here too. Her character, Cindy, is also a bit complex. Smart, funny, crazy, sexy, disappointed, frustrated, cold, remorseful…. And she’s able to show ALL these things as well. Maybe just by being Williams.

The movie feels a bit like a cross between Revolutionary Road and (500) Days Of Summer. The theme is pretty similar to the first one (two people who once loved each other just don’t match anymore). The narrative style is similar to the latter (jumping from one memory to the other). In that sense it all really isn’t that unique. It’s been done before. But I just loved it more than the two above mentioned movies (which I think are great by the way). It’s very interesting to see present day scenes flow into flashbacks without it being too obvious. Dean is quite the original charmer. It’s very easy to understand why an ambitious girl like Cindy would fall for him. He’s funny, sweet and he’s there when things get tough. But you can also understand why she just had enough of him after all these years. And the fact that they constantly switch between now and then, makes you understand the situation even more.

I couldn’t help reading some comments about people who’ve seen the movie and felt the need to rate it bad. And there are quite a lot. Most of them didn’t like the movie because it unsettled them. I’m sure this movie can hurt certain people. Those who are in similar situations. And those who live in a happy dream world where everything is fine and ends happily ever after. (Sorry, it doesn’t.) However, this movie isn’t cynical. The flashbacks show a couple who are naturally in love with each other and their love is touching without ever getting too emotional. The break up scenes are much more dramatic and often slide into a dangerous tv cry drama zone. But they never do. And I loved the end. It just felt real. Like the entire movie.

And the end credits are original. Plus the soundtrack by Grizzly Bear is very efficient. Yep, excellent movie.

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