Breaking Bad – Season 1 – **

Posted: May 31, 2012 in 2008, Crime/Detective, Disease of the week, TV series, USA, XX

Chemistry teacher gets cancer and starts making the purest crystal meth in order to finance the expensive treatment his wife wants him to take. The show has been around for a while, but that plot line never appealed to me, so I never bothered watching. I’m already watching the cancer changing lives show The Big C and the idea of a normal person getting into the criminal world of drugs isn’t new (Weeds, Saving Grace).  There are just too many shows about drugs. Show me a world I haven’t seen before (like the advertising business in the sixties). But since everyone is just raving about this show, I decided to at least watch a few episodes. Luckily Season 1 only has seven.

I don’t particularly care for it. Just a personal matter of taste. It’s well made and I like it’s not all too conventional. One of the main characters is a disabled adolescent for instance and some scenes are pretty unique, like the peeing scene in episode six. The idea of incorporating chemistry theories into a tv show is interesting too. Not quite sure about the script though. Even though it keeps you hooked and there are a lot of twists, it just drags on and on and on in the domestic scenes. I’m sure they are necessary to understand future episodes, but I could do without watching the chemistry teacher and his wife be a boring married couple with issues. I’m also not in the least impressed by acting. Especially the women suck. And the gangsters in this series are the most unbelievable bunch of crooks I’ve seen in a while. Even if this series would have been a comedy show, their over-exageration wouldn’t be funny.

But, again, it’s a personal thing. I’m kind of interested in knowing what season 2 brings though as this first season feels like one big pilot episode for great things to come. Maybe.

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