Iron Man – ** & Iron Man 2 – *1/2

Posted: May 31, 2012 in 2008, 2010, Action, Science Fiction, USA, X1/2, XX

Looking at the thousands of dvd’s at my local library I decided to pick two action flicks for a change: Iron Man and its sequel Iron Man 2. I was surprised that the library had them, being commercial blockbusters and all. Not exactly your foreign language award-winning art house fare. While watching The Avengers a few weeks ago, I got interested in the character of Tony Stark. A lot of comic heroes are narcistic and vain and arrogant, but not all of them are womanizers and funny. Tony Stark is all of the above. And Robert Downey Jr has a lot of fun interpreting those characteristics.

I kinda liked Iron Man. It’s a solid action movie with a decent script, awesome visual and sound effects and great humor. Another plus is that it’s a perfect introduction to the character. Other movies based on comic characters assume all too often that you’ve heard of the characters before. (like the above mentioned Avengers for instance). It’s not in the same league as the X-Men movies (with their social and political undertone) or the latest Batman franchise (with its visual and cinematic grandeur), but it’s great fun! The sequel however was disappointing. More impressive action sequences and bigger names on the credits, but without a well scripted story. Most of the movie didn’t make sense at all. There’s a great action scene in the beginning (filmed in Monaco) and the finale is pretty awesome, but in between the movie kind of sucks. The acting of the big names isn’t all that impressive either. Especially Mickey Rourke as the villain appears to be  just an ‘extra’ on the set. I think it should be obligatory to  make the villain as interesting as the hero. Who is this Ivan Vanko? After 2 hours the only thing you know about him is that he’s the son of a Russian scientist, is heavily tattooed and never utters more than five words per sentence. A lot of characters get introduced as well that comic fans will be looking forward to, but you never really get to know who they are. Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L Jackson, Don Cheadle are all in Iron Man 2 , but you never get to learn more about their characters. Too bad really.

But I quite liked this action packed Iron Man evening


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