The Descendants – ***1/2

Posted: June 26, 2012 in 2011, Dramedy, USA, XXX1/2

Really enjoyed this movie. George Clooney is great. Shailene Woodley is a revelation! It’s very down to earth. The emotions are honest. The jokes are funny.  The script is quite clever too. At least for such a simple story: woman has boating accident, goes into a coma and will never wake up. Husband learns she was having an affair and needs to deal with his two estranged daughters of 10 and 17. Oh. and he needs to close a deal about selling land to a developer.

I like this guy, Alexander Payne, who directed this modern dramedy. I loved his other movie Sideways too. And he made the underrated Election as well. He has a cool way of telling things. I like the fact that he doesn’t exaggerate and just let things be. Life is already confronting and confusing enough to have to add more drama. I like it how he shows how it rains in Hawaii and how it can be cloudy. I like the fact that he makes viewers figure it out themselves by giving slight hints, not by explaining every single scene. I like the fact that this is a very simple movie about a very common thing and shot, directed, acted and scripted incredibly well.

I’d almost say it’s flawless.

It was the right movie at the right time. It didn’t annoy me one single second! Which is a relief!

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