Classic: Jaws – **** *

Posted: July 9, 2012 in 1975, Dramedy, Horror, Thriller, USA, XXXX

It took me 38 years to see Jaws on a big screen! I have waited for this day since I saw the movie for the first time back when I was 12 or so. Jaws! I have three different VHS cassettes and two different DVD-releases. I have a dozen of books published on the phenomenon and I’ve collected even more dozens of articles over the years. I’ve written an essay about it in college. My friends from back in the nineties have given me hundreds of Jaws-like postcards, mugs, bottle openers, teddy bears, t-shirts, magnets, key chains, etc….  I’ve seen Spielberg’s masterpiece more than 20 times. at least. Yet, it took me this long to see it at the movies. But I did and I wasn’t disappointed. I was even surprised to see things that I had never noticed before. Minor details but still. I was ALL ALONE in the theatre room, which gave it an even personal touch. It may not have been the biggest screen in the world, but it was bigger than any flatscreen in any home I’ve been. So hooray!

Still my favorite movie of all times!


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