Entourage Season 7 and 8 – ***

Posted: July 16, 2012 in 2010, 2011, Comedy, Dramedy, TV series, USA, XXX

Entourage is no more. I just watched the last 20 episodes and kind of feel sad there isn’t going to be another season. This was a great show! It still is. I can imagine looking at it again in a few years or so. I can also imagine HBO making another series ten years from now.The show ends with a LOT of open possibilities. So who knows what the future will bring. It’s brave of the producers to end it now and not let it drag.

Both seasons form one unity. Season 8 just starts off where season 7 ended. Vince kind of loses it in season 7 after having to perform a car stunt on his own. He somehow feels the need to start living on the edge. He’s dating a porn actress, takes coke and becomes hostile to his friends. Drama on the other hand needs to make a decision that might finally give a new boost to his failed career. Turtle sets up a new business and is really motivated to succeed. And E just still struggles with his relationship with Sloan. Oh and Ari Gold has marital problems. There you go. To be honest, the story lines aren’t all that exciting and the finale is far-fetched and unconvincing, but the atmosphere throughout these two seasons is great and there’s a lot of cameo’s.

I’m not a big fan of celebrities playing a fictionalized version of themselves, but Entourage kind of made this a trend. It works for the celebrities cameos (Eminem, Mike Tyson, etc..), but it works less for the reoccurring characters (Bob Saget, porn actress Sasha Grey,…) Why would actors consider doing that? They must really be desperate! A great new actor on this show is Scott Caan (son of James) who plays E’s business partner and Vince’s new best friend. That guy was a great addition. Too bad we don’t get to see Lloyd that much in these seasons.

Entourage may be fictional, stereotypical, superficial and exaggerated, but it does give an accurate depiction of a certain LA lifestyle that fascinates and disgusts at the same time. It may not be all that critical, but it entertains. And that’s all a series about the entertainment industry should do. I’ll miss the guys (and the women). But it’s time for all to move on.


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