My Week With Marilyn – **

Posted: August 15, 2012 in 2011, biopic, Drama, UK, USA, XX

My Week With Marilyn was movie rental of the week. 99 cent for an Oscar nominated picture! It stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and deals about her troublesome shooting of the movie The Princess And The Showgirl. It’s told from the perspective of the young Colin Clark (revelation Eddie Redmayne), who works as a director assistant on the set and who Monroe starts to get a liking for.

The movie entertains and fascinates, but isn’t a must-see really. Unless you can rent it for 99 cents. Michelle Williams won several awards for her performance, but she didn’t convince me at all in playing one of the most famous Hollywood icons of all times. Nor did Kenneth Branagh convinced me as Sir Laurence Olivier. The depiction of the characters is one-dimensional and pretty negative. At no time did I care for the concerns of Olivier and Monroe, even though they are the basic ingredients of this movie. Sir Laurence Olivier is a stage actor who wants to be more of a movie star and Monroe is a movie star who wants to be a great actress. Both fail and deal with it in different ways. Olivier starts to belittle Monroe for her incompetence and Monroe starts getting depressed filled with self-doubt. Interesting stuff, but somehow not explored to the fullest and overly dramatized.

Colin Clark falls – as so many other men – for the magical charm of Monroe. She apparently had that effect on people, even though everyone knew that once the camera’s stopped rolling, Monroe became a very lonely, mentally fragile and depressed Norma Jean who couldn’t deal with all the attention her alter ego got. Where this movie fails the most is in the inability to show us the magical charm and explain us why people would fall for a mentally fragile depressed woman. That still remains a mystery.


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