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Arbitrage – ***

Posted: September 28, 2012 in 2012, Crime/Detective, Drama, USA, XXX

San Francisco. Tired of going out every night. Time to just relax and watch a new movie. There’s nothing in the theatres that I want to see. Only crap action or comedy flicks. But there’s also Arbitrage, a crime drama with Richard Gere (who I can’t recall ever having acted well) set in a financial world (yawn). Nevertheless, my travel buddy can persuade me to go see this movie and surprise surprise, I loved it!

Just when I thought: this movie has to end NOW, the end credits started rolling. My travel buddy didn’t like the end, but I loved it. It just ended where it had to end. Where I would have ended the story. The fact that it ended like that, made this movie worth its ***. It actually isn’t all that good, but it was the right movie at the right time and it surprised and entertained me enough to really like it.

Richard Gere by the way, is doing a great job and will surely get an Oscar nomination for his performance. Or at least a Golden Globe nomination. His unemotional facial expressions suit incredibly well here! Actually, he manages to make the audience neither sympathize nor dislike his character, which is also a great feat by the director. Here you have this rich investor who is in some legal and financial trouble and wants to sell his company asap. Not to spend his retired life with his wife and family and initially suggested, but to run off with his mistress! Then an accident happens and he becomes the main suspect in an investigation that starts to really get him in trouble.

Don’t watch the trailer, it may spoil the surprise. I had no clue about this movie and neither should you. Just see it and enjoy it.


Marley – ***

Posted: September 13, 2012 in 2012, biopic, Documentary, UK, XXX

Back in the eighties I didn’t get reggae at all. I loved ska (Madness), but reggae was too slow. Lately however, I’ve come to appreciate the original reggae roots a bit more as they have been very influential for all the dancehall, reggaeton, baile funk, latin hiphop and moombathon I do listen to. Still, Bob Marley isn’t my thing. ‘One Love’, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘Get Up, Stand Up’. BORING!!! However, everyone knows these songs. These songs may be even more universally known than anything by the Beatles or Michael Jackson.

So who was this Bob Marley? And why is everyone raving about this new documentary?

Reasons enough to watch ‘Marley’, a very compelling account of the beginnings, success and end of one of the worlds most iconic musicians. I really enjoyed this documentary. It was a very neutral and clear introduction to the man’s life with a very personal touch and a lot of vintage material (without spinning them out too long). The movie informed and entertained and was never tedious. It left me wanting to know more about the man though, but that’s a positive thing. In fact, now that I appreciate the man a bit more, I may appreciate his music a bit more too. I’m ready to rush to the library and rent his back catalogue.

Watch it and Love it!