Mansome – *

Posted: October 21, 2012 in 2012, Documentary, USA, X

Oh my. I hardly ever watch movies anymore and when I do, they suck. Like this documentary, an iTunes 99 cent rental about men and their facial hair. The movie title kind of makes you think it will be a documentary about how media has influenced society in making men think that they should look as pretty and sexy as women. And even though it gets mentioned a few times, there is absolutely no dept to this one-dimensional – friends talk about their hair in front of a camera – vehicle. This movie is extremely silly. Yet, I persevered and watched it until the end. Just to see how much more silly it would become.

The problem is that this movie is neither a really captivating documentary nor a comedy. Some parts are extremely long, others extremely short. You get to see a lot of ‘celebrities’ from fashion specialists of reality tv shows to guitar players from bands like Anthrax and ZZ Top. And there are the friends of the producing team of actors, all mediocre actors who are never funny. Ever. Like that Paul Rudd dude. Sorry, he’s not even funny or interesting being ‘himself’.

They visit a barber shop that makes wigs. They follow a guy with a red beard hanging over his belly to a European beard competition. (mixing up Austria and Bavaria to stress how ignorant movie makers can be). They show a self-proclaimed metrosexual make a bit of a laughing-stock of himself. They focus on pro-wrestler Shawn Daivari, who needs to shave his body hair every single day. And in between those short topics you have the producers go to a spa resort to get a treatment and talk about what defines being a man.

The best scene is in the treatment centre though. The both lie there getting a massage and they start competing in seeing who can stand the hardest massage. And in the end that is all about being a man. competition and being the best.

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