Shaun Of The Dead – **1/2

Posted: October 22, 2012 in 2004, Comedy, Horror, UK, XX1/2


Whilst joking with a colleague about how to react when you encounter a zombie on the street, he recommended me this British horror-comedy, which I watched on a train ride back home causing some irritation but curiosity amongst the fellow train traveller as I was laughing out really loud!

Good comedies are so hard to find, comedies that make you laugh from start to finish. Or at least at regular moments. Humor is such a subjective matter. But from what I see on imdb, a lot of people seem to appreciate this silly British humor. Great!

The story is simple: a guy gets dumped by his girlfriend because they never do anything adventurous and tries to impress her the next day by bringing her (and her roommates, his friend and his parents) to a safe place, hiding from the zombies that have taken over the town.

Yep, zombies!

But again, this is a comedy. And a British one. So if you can’t laugh with the following scenes (which are in the trailer), don’t bother. As there are two zombies in the garden, the main character and his friend try to decapitate the zombies by swinging vinyl records to them. As the zombies approach, they have discussions on which record should be thrown and which should be kept in the collection. Hilarious! As they drive off and hit a person on the street, they drive back to check. Much relief when they see the dead body get up as they only hit a zombie and not a normal human!

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