Moonrise Kingdom – ***

Posted: October 23, 2012 in 2012, Children/Family, Comedy, USA, XXX


A troubled orphan kid on a scouts holiday plans to run away with the troubled daughter of a troubled family who live on the island that the scouts have set up camp on. Oh, the island is heading towards trouble too: a storm.

It’s a weird movie, absurd almost, but quite fascinating. I haven’t been impressed at all by his previous work, but Wes Anderson does deliver good cinema here. The cinematography and editing are awesome. Almost every single scene is fun to watch. It helps that the story is set on a beautiful island, with creeks and bays and forests and meadows: they are the perfect setting! But not only nature makes a great decor, Anderson also takes full advantage of the local theatre and the house of the troubled family to come up with cool camera work. Add to that a sixties feel and you have a quite unique movie.

But not is all good though. The soundtrack is horrible and annoying (apart from that one French song to which the two kids dance). The story is just too simple and silly. And the acting is, well, bizarre. There are a lot of famous actors involved,  but they all perform caricatures and not all master that skill well. Edward Norton doesn’t for instance.  Tilda Swinton does it the best. But in the end you’re only watching two young kids: Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, who act pretty adult at times. Not sure what will happen with Jared, but Kara is set for a great career! When she’ll get an Oscar in 2024, people will all remember her debut in 2012.

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