House M.D. (episodes 1 to 8) – *

Posted: October 30, 2012 in 2004, Disease of the week, TV series, USA, X

Everyone keeps telling me I should watch House, just because I like cynical, sarcastic assholes who excel in their job. At least that’s how my character would be like if I ever were to write a tv series about my experiences in the river cruise industry.

But, this is such a boring show! Don’t get me wrong, Hugh Laurie is excellent and I love his remarks and quotes. But the rest of the show is boring. The three assistants who challenge his authority are boring. The quest to find a cure for an extremely rare disease/condition gets boring too. I watched eight episodes and each of them had the same set up. They also all had those annoying close up camera ‘rides’ into the human body showing how muscles, glands, veins and other body act and react to exterior elements like medication, viruses, bacteria, etc..

I may watch the other episodes of hat first season. I might stop and watch an episode of a future season if I am bored in a hotel room somewhere, but I was not impressed by the first eight. What a disappointment.

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