Friends With Kids – **

Posted: December 17, 2012 in 2011, Comedy, Dramedy, romcom, USA, XX

Back from two weeks of hard work and sick in bed! Time to watch some movies, like the 99 cent rental of a few weeks ago. Friends With Kids is a predictable romcom with mediocre acting performances and a terrible end, but one that actually kept me entertained for 100 minutes.

The set up is great though. Two (childhood) friends decide to ‘make’ and raise a baby together without actually getting into a relationship. It’s a thought that has crossed my mind many times before, so I was pretty anxious to see how the story would turn out. The dialogue is witty and certain situations are very recognizable. However, half an hour into the movie I knew it would end the wrong way. It happened at the same moment that I realized that this movie could only have been written by a woman. That’s very sexist, I know, but it was a natural thought. I started to really dislike the writer, who turned out to be also the director… and the main actress!!!  It all made sense when I looked at the imdb information, which I generally only do AFTER having watched a movie. Anyone who can direct their own story and act in it as well, gets my respect. (and my jealousy).  But, Jennifer Westfieldt, that end! It totally ruins the initial thought.

Anyways, by now I’m sure you know how this movie ends. Sorry for the spoiler.



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