Transamerica – *1/2

Posted: December 27, 2012 in 2005, Dramedy, LGBT themed, Road Trip, USA, X1/2

Had this dvd on my shelf for a while. Just never got myself to watch it. Now that I did and I can sell the dvd or give it away. Not going to keep it. No thanks.

Sabrina, or Bree as she wants to be called, used to be Stanley. She saved up a lot of money for the final operation and is ready to become a real woman. But then she gets a phone call from a prison in New York, where a young kid called Toby needs someone to bail him out. Toby turns out to be Stanley’s son! A son! That’s all she needs in the most important week of her life. And a drug addict/street prostitute on top of that. Bree does decide to pick up her son in New York and takes him home to Los Angeles on a road trip, with necessary family encounters.

Yeah, it’s a road movie about a transgender and his/her son. That leads to awkward situations. It’s all a bit far-fetched. There are not enough empathy to make it a good drama. There are not enough jokes to make it a good comedy. The acting is okay and sure, it’s interesting to see a woman play the role of a man wanting to be a woman, but Felicity Huffman is just doing an okay job as Bree.

Weird movie, but one that I finished, so I guess it had some potential.

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