The Eagle – **

Posted: January 10, 2013 in 2011, Action, Historical, UK, USA, XX

Got The Eagle for free when I bought Despicable Me. It actually should have been the other way around. This isn’t a bad movie at all. Not sure why it flopped. I didn’t quite expect a new Spartacus or Gladiator, but when it comes to historical action movies, it really wasn’t bad at all. The story is predictable and none of the actors are giving memorable performances, but it’s an hour and a half of good old-fashioned sandal and sword fun!

The story? A Roman centurion (Channing Tatum) has only one purpose in life: bring back honor to his family after his father managed to not only get a whole legion of 5000 soldiers killed in Northern Britain, but also lost a golden eagle which represents the Roman Empire. In his attempt to get back the eagle, he is assisted by a British slave (Jamie Bell), who he had pardoned in a gladiator fight.


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