Offline – **1/2

Posted: January 22, 2013 in 2012, Drama, Flanders, Social Drama, XX1/2

The trailer (with English subtitles) is very confusing. It doesn’t really entice people to watch the movie. But it also doesn’t give away that much about the actual storyline. It kind of leaves you wondering why on earth you would want to watch it.

Well, I did because it’s apparently the best Flemish movie of 2012.

I haven’t seen that many homegrown movies last year, but I personally liked Tot Altijd better.

The movie deals about a guy who just got out of prison and who tries to reconnect with the real world. Along the ride you get to learn why he went to prison and what his obsession is for a young student who’s financing her studies by seducing men through a webcam site.

The acting is really good and the script is perfectly set up according to Syd Field’s theories. Introduction, turning point, exploration, turning point, finale. I hadn’t expected the first turning point at all, so that was cool. But I didn’t think the second turning point was all that interesting. And the finale isn’t a finale. However, the built up of the story was really clever and kept me interested for the entire movie. Oh, did I mention that the acting was really good? Especially by Wil Willaert and Anemone Valcke, but also by Patricia Goemare.

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