The Big Bang Theory – Season One – ***1/2

Posted: January 25, 2013 in 2007, Comedy, TV series, USA, XXX1/2

The only thing I knew about the The Big Bang Theory was that it was a popular sitcom about nerds and a pretty girl. Oh and that one of the main characters has Asperger and the actor who interprets him won a Golden Globe and was outed as being gay.

A series about nerds with Asperger? Really?

A friend of mine gave me the first season on dvd and I was hooked after two episodes. The pilot is a typical pilot, introducing the characters and trying to impress the viewers with too many jokes. You just have to persevere. Once you get to know the characters it’s a riot!

What made it great for me was the consistency in the humor. Apart from a few exceptions, all episodes are funny as hell. I haven’t laughed this much in ages. I really didn’t think discussions about scientific experiments would ever be funny. But this scriptwriting team delivers excellent dialogues! I also never thought I would sympathize with nerds, but after 17 episodes I have embraced my inner nerd. I’m actually really fond of these guys.

Sheldon Cooper (the Asperger guy) is the most irritating sitcom character ever, but he is the star of the show. Again, all respect to the team who have created this crazy persona. His best friend Leonard is the most sane of them all and the perfect antipode: one of the nicest sitcom characters ever. They both work as physicists and share an apartment and get a new neighbor: Penny, who works as a waiter in a Cheesecake Factory. Add to that two more nerds: a sexually obsessed jewish engineer who still lives at his mother’s place and an Indian immigrant who can only talk to girls when he has drunk alcohol or when he’s on medication.

A lot of the setting reminds you of  Friends. There’s two apartments across the hall (which never seem to be locked either) and they gather around in a few standard locations like the Chinese restaurant or the Cheesecake Factory. It’s not annoying, it’s just not unique. But fortunately all the rest is very clever and original. Like the elevator that doesn’t work for the entire season. They just have to walk up the stairs all the time. You’d think that being smart as they are, they would have fixed the problem already. But then again, they are not handy and don’t have that much money.

Anyways, there’s a lot of references to science that I  – nor many other fans of the show – understand and there’s even more references to video games, comics and fantasy fiction that I’ve never heard of. But it somehow entertains incredibly. The episode with the purchase of an original time machine from the classic sf movie is one of my favorites. It somehow doesn’t make sense that emotionless nerds can be so creative in their fantasies, but it does in The Big Bang Theory. 

Now I just have to find the other seasons on dvd and the time to watch them.

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