Breakfast On Pluto

Posted: February 3, 2013 in 2005, Drama, Ireland, LGBT themed

Movie night at the owners of the airbnb I’m staying at. Amongst the many (more intriguing) art house movies on their shelves, Breakfast On Pluto was picked. We all fell asleep near the end.

An orphan grows up in Ireland, but leaves for London when he’s an adult. The small town in which he was raised isn’t ready to accept him who he is: a man trapped in a transvestite body!  And he might meet his natural mother in the big city. This happens in the seventies when glamrock is successful and when the IRA is a threat to society.

It’s not that the movie is boring. The dialogue is witty and the directing is fine. The glamrock and IRA parts were interesting. But I couldn’t relate or empathize at all with the crazy cross dressing main character.


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