Taken 2

Posted: February 25, 2013 in 2012, Action, USA

On the bus from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and they are playing a movie: Taken 2 with Liam Neeson and Femke Janssen. Now, those are not crappy b-actors, but this is a crappy b-movie, the kind that would go straight to DVD if it had unknown performers.

It starts off awfully boring. There’s some kind of vengeance plan to kill Liam Neeson’s character after he has murdered some people in the original Taken. In the meantime he’s more busy trying to get back together with the mother of his daughter. He invites both of them to Istanbul where of course the vengeance killers track him down. What follows are the typical action scenes: car chases in narrow exotic alleys, shoot outs in obscure buildings, kidnapping and suggestive torture/rape scenes… In the end they all go have a milkshake in LA as one happy family.

My problem isn’t so much the mediocre acting or the simple story, but the bad directing and especially the terrible editing. I can’t possibly understand how a director decides to film a small talk conversation between two characters with two different cameras and then asks the editor to constantly switch between both while they are talking in very short phrases. ‘Hello’, ‘oh hi’, ‘how are you’, ‘what a surprise’, etc… And always switching. This is SO annoying. As a viewer we are watching the conversation as a whole, we don’t watch it from the character’s perspective.

Then the action scenes. When you hit someone or shoot someone it should fucking hurt. There should be instant damage and blood. I’ve so had it with main characters who are able to avoid every single shot at them, yet always kill the enemy with one perfect shot. And then leave unscathed.

Anyways, I’m not in a good mood and it’s difficult to appreciate a movie when half of the bus is listening to merengue, bachata or reggaeton on their cell phone without head phones.

Just checked: this movie made 139 million dollars! Who are these people who go see this movie and then tell others that it’s a ‘good one’? That’s more than Argo!



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