Zero Black Thirty – **

Posted: February 25, 2013 in 2012, Action, Spionage, Thriller, USA, XX

Jessica Chastain is Maia, a CIA agent so obsessed with the search for Osama Bin Laden that nothing else matters in her life. When they finally find him, she’s alone in a huge airplane and cries. Cos, hey, what now?

It’s amazing how little this story moved me. I mean, this is a movie about finding the guy that was responsible for 9/11!! I should have been excited. It’s amazing how much I doubt the truth of these events as well.

Zero Black Thirty is quite unsettling. There are a few torture scenes in the beginning that probably occurred and are still occurring. The torture itself isn’t so cruel, but the way the ‘investigators’ deal with it: emotionless. Now, I don’t expect a torturer to have specific feelings, but I kind of prefer to see some kind of anger or sadistic pleasure. Now there’s just blandness. Then there’s the actual attack on the house of OBL. Okay, he’s public enemy number one, but there’s something morally wrong about the whole operation. Not sure if Sherlock Holmes would think there was enough proof to justify an attack, but he once was envious of ‘female intuition’ and did believe that it often helps. I would not have attacked.

And who are all these people in this movie? What is their background? What’s their function? How does the CIA work? I didn’t feel like I got an insight in the system. And why do we not learn anything about what the Pakistani thought about all of this? There’s one scene where after endless of minutes the neighbours start checking out what the hell is going on. Sorry. There’s a helicopter crash in that weird fortified building down the street and you wait 15 minutes to check it out? No way.

And those thoughts kept me busy all movie long. That being written, they did keep me busy all movie long and I wasn’t really bored.

But I don’t agree with those people who think this is an impressive movie. It’s not. I wasn’t impressed once. And Jessica Chastain really isn’t all that impressive either. I had no empathy with her Maia at all and I’m sure that could never have been the intention. The way she kind of looks shocked by the torture in the beginning is silly. The way she shouts at her boss at the end is unbelievable.

So, when Maia is sitting there at the end, crying, you think: go get laid and have some fun, boring bitch. And the whole feat of finding OBL becomes trivial.

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