Three To Tango – **

Posted: March 25, 2013 in 1999, LGBT themed, romcom, USA, XX

I really don’t understand why some people slam this romantic comedy. It’s actually one of the better ones. Sure the storyline is very classic, but the twist is quite original. The obstacle that keeps the romantic couple apart is the sheer fact that the guy needs to pretend to be gay in order to get a job assignment.

Matthew Perry is an architect, who wants to work on a project for a rich city developer (Dylan McDermott), who’s having an affair with a loveable  artist (Neve Campbell). Due to some misunderstandings the city developer assumes the architect is gay and promises him an advantage if he wants to be a spy during an art gallery opening that his mistress will attend. The architect and the artists hit it off great and there’s love in the air, but honesty is a bitch when a career is at stake.

Le Placard is another movie in which a straight character has to pretend to be gay throughout the movie. It works. It leads to a lot of jokes and also some social-critical situations. I liked them! The movie is made in 1999, but feels like it could have been produced recently.It’s surprising how the depiction of the LGBT community has not changed in 14 years. Gay themed comedies are still focussing too much on the stereotypes. But Three To Tango has the right balance. Straight people won’t think it’s too gay and gay people won’t be offended. The humor is very predictable and harmless, but charms. And Matthew Perry is good.

There are much more terrible romantic comedies out there.

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