Dans La Maison – **1/2

Posted: April 16, 2013 in 2012, Dramedy, France, Parody, XX1/2

François Ozon makes movies like no-one else does, which makes him unique and intriguing and one of my favorite directors. That doesn’t mean that his movies are excellent, but they are always fascinating. Just as Dans La Maison, his most recent feature movie. The synopsis is again quite weird, but because it comes from Ozon you can expect it to be bizarrely thrilling anyhow. A teacher of French is fascinated by an essay that one of his pupils wrote. The young adolescent had to write about his weekend adventures and accounted a tale of entering the house of one of his classmates after having observed it for months… He cleverly ended with ‘to be continued…’, which only fueled the interest of the teacher and his art gallery owning wife. The teacher thinks he has found himself a writing talent and decides to encourage the kid for writing more. But the line between fiction and reality becomes very thin…

Somewhere near the end of the movie, the teacher tells the kid a good end of a story is when the reader didn’t expect it at all, but also realizes there could not have been a better ending. Unfortunately the end of the movie fails to surprise and close at the same time. The movie ends with the line ‘to be continued…’ and that’s not a spoiler. It’s pretty abrupt and quite boring compared to the exciting build up, which was typically ozonesque. The thrilling element in his movies is never much about horror or fear or suspense, but more anticipation of what will happen next. The acting is great and there’s a lot of humor. Plus Ozon doesn’t take it all that serious. I loved the way he mocks the seriousness with which contemporary art is treated. However in the end, there’s the feeling that it could have been a much better movie. I may give it *** later on if it’s still on my mind next week.


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