Les Profs – **

Posted: April 27, 2013 in 2013, Comedy, France, XX

I was too tired to be annoyed by the amount of movies shown in Brussels without Dutch subtitles. I think, by law, a movie should not be able to be released without subtitles in the language of the country’s majority. However, most Flemish don’t care about French comedies in general, so it makes sense that distributors won’t invest in a translation. Such is the case for Les Profs which I saw (en version original sans sous titres). And a French comedy it is, with comedians that are only famous in the French-speaking world and dealing with the educational system of France, which is different from other countries.

The set up is simple: a school fails to reach the nation’s quota of pupils passing the important baccalaureat, a test allowing students to go to university. Many children and teachers are looking for another school and something needs to be done! But instead of attracting the best teachers (professeurs in French), they attract the silliest ones. Seven very bizarre characters will join the teachers corps and make a difference!

The French are not really known for their absurd humour, but there’s a lot of Monty Python in this comedy. In combination with typical physical gags, a lot of swearing and sexually charged play of words. The English teacher for instance hurls chalk at students, the math teacher has calculated that students can only concentrate for 3 minutes per hour and decides to just teach for three minutes per class, the history teacher dresses up like Napoleon and imitates a Diet Coke commercial to win the heart of the German teacher, etc.. At one moment they all scheme a plan to steal the national exams from the Ministry of Education. And so on.

I laughed a lot, even though the jokes and scenes were incredibly silly and the only other people laughing were children under the age of 12. But I guess that has to do with my restricted knowledge of the French language and the fact that it did not seem like a movie where you needed to use your brain to get the jokes.

The teachers are the stars of the movie, some more efficient than the other, and the pupils are totally irrelevant and incredibly bad acting. But it’s a comedy. So who cares.


  1. Eta says:

    I also wish there were some subtitles available! Why there are not even French sous-titres? As a foigner I can’t follow easily the spoken language in a film. The sub-titles would really help a lot!

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