J’Aurai Voulu Etre Un Danseur

Posted: May 24, 2013 in 2007, Belgium, Drama, Luxemburg, Musical

I love browsing in second-hand record stores and cd/dvd shops. Whenever someone asks me what I’m looking for, I always say  J’aurai Voulu Etre Un Danseur, just because nobody seems to have heard about the movie, let alone have it in their collection. It always works. I ask them a rare dvd, they don’t have it and they leave me browsing on my own.

A few weeks ago, I tried the same in a dvd store in Lyon, but – you’ve guessed it – the guy had the dvd! For 7 euro! I didn’t really want to see it that badly; but since he had it, I couldn’t refuse.

I never read anything about this movie, but I just liked the title because I as well have always wanted to be a dancer. I thought it was about a guy who’s obsessed about Gene Kelly and tries his very best to follow his footsteps. It stars Cecile de France in a supporting part and it’s made by Alain Berliner, who previously made interesting movies like Le Mur and Ma Vie En Rose. 

But, alas! This is not a joy to watch. Sure, it’s about a guy who wants to become a dancer, but it’s about several guys within one family who decide they will give up everything to become a tap dancer after having seen Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain. There is something original about the script, but it just doesn’t work because it becomes to crazy. Suddenly you have a professor in the future who explains that certain genes in the back of the head will make children do exactly the same as their parents once that gene is triggered by a mutual event. In this case, the event is watching Singing In The Rain, which makes young fathers abandon their family to become tap dancers…

Yes. it’s that weird.

Don’t buy it for 7 euro when you come across of it. I have it here for six. 😉

and my new rare movie that I’ll use is Corps Ouverts. 


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