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Boys In The Band – ***

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Drama, Dramedy, LGBT themed, USA, XXX

This movie was made 43 years ago. It should be considered a classic. It’s funny and has some socially historical importance! It even feels like it could have been made this year. Yet, I had never heard about it. Maybe because it’s about gay friends throwing a birthday party and being confronted with an unexpected homophobe visitor. It’s by William Friedkin, before he made the amazing French Connection and based on a controversial but successful off-broadway play.

It is of course a filmed theatre play, so the dialogue and acting are far more important than the setting and cinematography. However, unlike movies made today about the seventies that lack atmosphere, this one has an awful lot. It gets a tad boring once the funny dialogue changes to dramatic monologue and the end is sad, but overall it’s very intriguing.

The funniest quotes are in the first half.

* The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to look your best

* Nothing is as good as feeling sorry for yourself!

* I wasn’t out back then. I still suffered from the Christ, Was I Drunk Last Night – syndrome.

* A bit effeminate? He’s like a butterfly in heat!

* You’re lips are turning blue, it looks like you’ve been rimming a snowman!

* I am going to eat until I have a fat attack

* How does it smell? Before it smelled like someone puked. Now it smells like someone puked in a gardenia patch.

The more poignant ones come at the end:

* If we could just not hate ourselves this much.

* You show me a happy homosexual and I’ll show you a dead corpse.

Maybe this play (and movie) was the start of gay pride. Fuck feeling sad and start being happy.

The Entire Movie on YouTube:


Sound City – *1/2

Posted: June 28, 2013 in 2013, Documentary, Musical, USA

So, Dave Grohl made a documentary about a record studio that closed down in 2011. It’s the record studio where Nevermind was recorded, and many other albums from the past (seventies).

It’s passable as a documentary. As en extra on a dvd or so. But not as a feature documentary release. It’s a semi-chronological account of a record studio’s growth to fame and decline to closure. Plus the last 40 minutes are about recording a new album with the mix table from the studio that Grohl purchased.

I was pretty bored by it all. And I’m not often bored by things that Dave Grohl does. But he wanted to pay a tribute to the studio, the bands who recorded there before he did and he wanted to jam with them.

Manhattan – ***

Posted: June 26, 2013 in 1979, Comedy, romcom, USA, XXX

Woody Allen is Isaac, a twice divorced pseudo-writer who has a relationship with a 17-year-old but falls for the mistress of his best friend. And it all takes place in the city I’m living in for the moment: Manhattan!

It’s Woody Allen’s best according to several articles. But for that you would need to see all of his work, which I doubt many people have. I’ve only seen a few of which Bullets Over Broadway was my favorite. But Manhattan clearly merits the title (so far). It’s a very narrative movie, but I was hooked. From the beginning until the end. And I wasn’t even bothered that this 42-year-old had a relationship with a 17 year. I’m sure it was controversial at the time and I’m sure it’s still controversial. But in the end, this was good cinema.

Very Quote: What? You Can’t Plan Four Weeks In Advance?

The makers of Mad Men managed to get me excited for the season finale and leave me wanting to see the final season. It’s quite a feat though, because it took me about 10 episodes to start liking this season a bit more. The first were terrible, boring, uneventful, meaningless, etc… However, by the end, I got more intrigued by certain characters. Favorites like Peggy and the ever unfortunate Pete, but also new characters like this Bob Benson, got my attention. And Betty is back!

In the end though, it’s all about Don Draper and if you’re not a fan of the man and his decisions, this season gets pretty tough to persevere. Draper isn’t mysterious anymore (if he ever was) and he definitely isn’t surprising either. He’s just plain boring.

I will watch season 7, but not necessarily week by week upon its release.

World War Z – **1/2

Posted: June 24, 2013 in 2013, Action, Horror, USA, XX1/2

Brad Pitt + zombies + 3D = surprisingly good entertainment!

Brad Pitt has become a tolerable lead actor!

Zombies can be FAST when hungry and attracted to noise. And they are hilarious when trapped in a small room.

3D worked! There were some really interesting effects, like the opening sequence for instance and even in conversations!

Story? Our planet tries to survive an outbreak of a zombie attack and Brad Pitt is the only one who can find a cure/solution.

Yes, it’s silly. BUT there is non-stop action! It’s a roller coaster ride and the story isn’t all that important. Sure, there are a lot of moments where you think: yeah, right. Like when he’s stuck in traffic in Philadelphia and gets out in NO time during an outbreak, whereas I spent 4 hours in traffic around Philly last Tuesday and couldn’t get out on a normal day. But this is a movie about a zombie outbreak. So who cares.

Amish Grace – **

Posted: June 22, 2013 in 2010, Drama, USA, XX

Didn’t make it to the Amish country because of, well, bad weather and expensive stays for solo travelers.

There’s a movie online, a tv movie, about some shooting  a few years ago in an Amish village school. It’s actually more about how to deal with feelings of hate during the period of mourning within a very religious community.

It’s an interesting movie. It does question all kinds of aspects of faith and dealing with loss.  It has lines like ‘If we hold on to our anger and resentment, it’s only us who will suffer’ and isn’t too much of a tear-jerker. It doesn’t really give any answers on why the Amish community would forgive the person that just shot several of its people. But it just shows that they do. It’s weird, because hate and being unable to forgive is a natural human feeling. At least to MOST people. 

But I need to get to the Amish country someday and figure out for myself  what this community is all about.  I only went to an Amish farm once and I could pay with credit card in their shop, which I thought was very hypocrite for people who stay away from electricity! In this movie I see them getting rides in cars by locals, lying in the big city hospitals, talking to the press, etc… It isn’t the Amish I know from Witness.

Then watch this:

It’s difficult to review a movie which seems only to have been made for fans of the original series that it is based on. I didn’t get the many references to the world of Star Trek, which has become part of universal culture. At least everyone should know what Trekkies are (fans of Star Trek) and everyone has heard of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. The only thing this movie did to me was make me want to watch the tv show from he 60s. I’m sure fans will love to see how the two main characters of the show met. But it’s only cool for the fans to see them bickering. What do I know about their relationship in the series?

It focuses on a young captain of a space ship (kirk) who is a bit of a rebel, but who needs to live up to the reputation of his father who sacrificed his life to save an entire crew. And on a scientist (spock) who is half human, half Vulcan, which is some sort of alien kind of mankind. The latter’s planet gets attacked by yet another alien race and both of them need to stop them from attacking earth as well.

Oh, to make the link with the original series they wrote a part for the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) who plays the same part and who is time traveling.

There are some cool action scenes though!

This is not a trailer, but a very cool summary based on the trailer!

The real trailer:

A top soccer player comes out and needs to look for another soccer team. He joins a team with gay players and starts discovering himself.

In short: it’s terrible! The dialogue doesn’t make sense at all and the acting is so bad that it’s not even funny anymore.

A lawyer who’s been defending petty criminals for his entire career decides to make a move and work with a colleague who can bring in the big business. But the colleague didn’t recruit him for his skills, but for his ‘looks’. He’s set up to replace a criminal in prison for a large sum of money. Contrary to any logic he accepts the deal!

If it wasn’t for the amazing Roschdy Zem, it would be a complete waste of movie material. Terrible movie. But Roschdy is even awesome here.