Star Trek: The Future Begins – *1/2

Posted: June 18, 2013 in 2009, Action, Science Fiction, USA, X1/2

It’s difficult to review a movie which seems only to have been made for fans of the original series that it is based on. I didn’t get the many references to the world of Star Trek, which has become part of universal culture. At least everyone should know what Trekkies are (fans of Star Trek) and everyone has heard of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. The only thing this movie did to me was make me want to watch the tv show from he 60s. I’m sure fans will love to see how the two main characters of the show met. But it’s only cool for the fans to see them bickering. What do I know about their relationship in the series?

It focuses on a young captain of a space ship (kirk) who is a bit of a rebel, but who needs to live up to the reputation of his father who sacrificed his life to save an entire crew. And on a scientist (spock) who is half human, half Vulcan, which is some sort of alien kind of mankind. The latter’s planet gets attacked by yet another alien race and both of them need to stop them from attacking earth as well.

Oh, to make the link with the original series they wrote a part for the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) who plays the same part and who is time traveling.

There are some cool action scenes though!

This is not a trailer, but a very cool summary based on the trailer!

The real trailer:


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