Amish Grace – **

Posted: June 22, 2013 in 2010, Drama, USA, XX

Didn’t make it to the Amish country because of, well, bad weather and expensive stays for solo travelers.

There’s a movie online, a tv movie, about some shooting  a few years ago in an Amish village school. It’s actually more about how to deal with feelings of hate during the period of mourning within a very religious community.

It’s an interesting movie. It does question all kinds of aspects of faith and dealing with loss.  It has lines like ‘If we hold on to our anger and resentment, it’s only us who will suffer’ and isn’t too much of a tear-jerker. It doesn’t really give any answers on why the Amish community would forgive the person that just shot several of its people. But it just shows that they do. It’s weird, because hate and being unable to forgive is a natural human feeling. At least to MOST people. 

But I need to get to the Amish country someday and figure out for myself  what this community is all about.  I only went to an Amish farm once and I could pay with credit card in their shop, which I thought was very hypocrite for people who stay away from electricity! In this movie I see them getting rides in cars by locals, lying in the big city hospitals, talking to the press, etc… It isn’t the Amish I know from Witness.

Then watch this:

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