Mad Men – Season 6 – *1/2

Posted: June 24, 2013 in 2013, Drama, TV series, USA, X1/2

The makers of Mad Men managed to get me excited for the season finale and leave me wanting to see the final season. It’s quite a feat though, because it took me about 10 episodes to start liking this season a bit more. The first were terrible, boring, uneventful, meaningless, etc… However, by the end, I got more intrigued by certain characters. Favorites like Peggy and the ever unfortunate Pete, but also new characters like this Bob Benson, got my attention. And Betty is back!

In the end though, it’s all about Don Draper and if you’re not a fan of the man and his decisions, this season gets pretty tough to persevere. Draper isn’t mysterious anymore (if he ever was) and he definitely isn’t surprising either. He’s just plain boring.

I will watch season 7, but not necessarily week by week upon its release.

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