World War Z – **1/2

Posted: June 24, 2013 in 2013, Action, Horror, USA, XX1/2

Brad Pitt + zombies + 3D = surprisingly good entertainment!

Brad Pitt has become a tolerable lead actor!

Zombies can be FAST when hungry and attracted to noise. And they are hilarious when trapped in a small room.

3D worked! There were some really interesting effects, like the opening sequence for instance and even in conversations!

Story? Our planet tries to survive an outbreak of a zombie attack and Brad Pitt is the only one who can find a cure/solution.

Yes, it’s silly. BUT there is non-stop action! It’s a roller coaster ride and the story isn’t all that important. Sure, there are a lot of moments where you think: yeah, right. Like when he’s stuck in traffic in Philadelphia and gets out in NO time during an outbreak, whereas I spent 4 hours in traffic around Philly last Tuesday and couldn’t get out on a normal day. But this is a movie about a zombie outbreak. So who cares.

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