Manhattan – ***

Posted: June 26, 2013 in 1979, Comedy, romcom, USA, XXX

Woody Allen is Isaac, a twice divorced pseudo-writer who has a relationship with a 17-year-old but falls for the mistress of his best friend. And it all takes place in the city I’m living in for the moment: Manhattan!

It’s Woody Allen’s best according to several articles. But for that you would need to see all of his work, which I doubt many people have. I’ve only seen a few of which Bullets Over Broadway was my favorite. But Manhattan clearly merits the title (so far). It’s a very narrative movie, but I was hooked. From the beginning until the end. And I wasn’t even bothered that this 42-year-old had a relationship with a 17 year. I’m sure it was controversial at the time and I’m sure it’s still controversial. But in the end, this was good cinema.

Very Quote: What? You Can’t Plan Four Weeks In Advance?

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