Making The Boys – **1/2

Posted: July 1, 2013 in 2011, Documentary, LGBT themed, USA, XX1/2

Watching the gay classic Boys In The Band made me read a lot about the importance of the movie/play for the LGBT community. The more I read articles, the more it was clear that I had to watch Making The Boys, a recently produced documentary on the topic.

Watch the movie first though and THEN check out the documentary. You may be disappointed in the movie if you do it the other way around. 

The documentary doesn’t tell that much more than the articles written about the importance of Boys In The Band, but there’s enough vintage footage and recent interviews to keep it entertaining. I’m sure the makers had a lot of material to select from and they did a great job editing it all into 90 minutes, but I would have focused more on the fact that most gay people have never heard about Boys In The Band. Because, in the end, the reason for this documentary is to document the importance of that movie. And even though that’s perfectly clear, they missed a change of pushing it a little further.

This feature was released forty years after the movie release. It’s amazing what has happened to the gay community in four decades (wild seventies, aids eighties, quiet nineties, equal rights nillies), but it’s also disturbing to realize that nothing has changed that much for the general perception of gays in society. 

And in that sense, this documentary may get the same comments as the movie/play once got when it was released. It’s not a gay story. It’s not a fairy tale and it isn’t happy. It’s just real.


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