Clan – ***

Posted: July 9, 2013 in 2012, Comedy, Crime/Detective, Dramedy, Flanders, Thriller, XXX

Awarded as best Flemish tv series of 2012, Clan tells the story of four sisters who try to kill their brother-in-law… over and over again. It’s both funny and thrilling and full of surprises. There are ten episodes and each one of them has at least one WTF moment that isn’t necessarily part of the story build up, but makes it all very original. Humor and tension hardly ever work together, so when it does: hooray!

The series starts with the funeral of Jean-Claude Delcorps, nicknamed Kloot – Flemish for Ass(hole). He leaves behind a wife and a daughter and a lot of people who hated him more than anyone else in the world… Not only the four sisters-in-law, but also neighbors, friends, colleagues at work, etc… An insurance company wants to investigate if the ‘fatal accident’ wasn’t premeditated as they don’t need another pay out that can ruin their finances.

The nice thing is that even though you already know how the story will end and how it will evolve, it remains entertaining. It’s very predictable and a lot of scenes don’t make sense, but the absurdities make it a real pleasure to watch. The way one of the sisters lost her eye! The homo-erotic phantasy in the office! Even the human traffic mafia pops up. The story is told in flashbacks, which can be a pain, but which work wonderfully well here. The acting is superb! Every single character is interpreted perfectly. All four sisters and especially the brother-in-law, who is the most despicable character ever on our screens! But also the two insurance brothers who need to investigate in the ‘fatal accident’ in order to not pay out the life insurance.

It’s very Flemish (references, settings, jokes), but I do think it can appeal to a larger audience. The dvd is available with English subtitles, so just buy it next time you are in Flanders.


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