First Position – **1/2

Posted: July 13, 2013 in 2011, Documentary, USA, XX1/2

Ah Ballet!

I checked the movies at display in the guest rooms of one of the ships I’m working on and found several indie Sundance festival favorites that you won’t expect on a river cruise for seniors.

I’m wondering if there is a way of finding out which movies are watched the most, but I guess First Position won’t be the most popular. It’s a documentary about kids trying to get a ballet scholarship. But you know what, I liked this one.

Sure, it helps if you think dancing is just a tad more interesting than playing chess (remember Brooklyn Castle). But this is a well made documentary. All characters are equally interesting and they are all great dancers. Nothing worse than seeing a piece on certain talented people who lack talent. It’s good to just focus on the best, but it also takes the tension away. Luckily, the documentary makers found a few ways of making the results of the competition still worth waiting for. The end however is too abrupt, so here’s an important tip: WAIT until after the initial end credits!

And now, hope for a sequel in 2021!



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