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Hot Fuzz – **

Posted: September 15, 2013 in 2007, Cop Movie, Parody, UK, XX

So, the guys who created Shaun Of The Dead also made a cop buddy / action crime parody called Hot Fuzz. It starts off being not even half as funny as the comical zombie slashing neoclassic, but it gets remarkably better by the end. The overabundance of absurdities only work during the finale, where the silliness is just non stop.

A talented and overachieving officer get transferred from metropolitan London to rural Stanford, where there hasn’t been a murder in over 20 years. Nobody ever wonders why there are so many ‘accidents’ though and the officer starts an investigation, helped by a local constable.

Simon Pegg plays a serious character for a change and that feels kind of awkward. In fact, he’s so convincing as a London police officer that there is no trace of parody at all. He does lose it a bit at the end, but during the entire movie it feels like he’s auditioning for a serious role. Luckily the rest of the cast makes it clear you’re watching a comedy. And again, it gets better by the end. There’s a shootout scene that just cracked me up. Hadn’t laughed that hard in a while.

This movie also proves that with the right sound effects and editing, the right cast and the right attitude you can make an entertaining movie for little money. It sure feels like a big budget movie, but you know it’s not.

Adventureland – *1/2

Posted: September 14, 2013 in 2009, Coming Of Age, USA, X1/2

Maybe I’m getting too old for coming of age movies. I thought for a moment that I’d feel some kind of nostalgia watching a virgin work in a theme park during summer before going to college. But no. I just saw a boring story of a nerdy loser who falls in love with the ‘wrong’ girl who turns out the be the ‘right’ girl after all.

Maybe it’s the acting that makes it boring. This Jesse Eisenberg has no expression whatsoever and Kristen Stewart just always acts the same. Whether she’s a vampire or a beatnik or a home wrecker. She’s a bore.

Oh, the soundtrack is interesting! And there were some slight memories in there from 22 years ago. So all in all, it does get one star. Okay, one star and a half.


Wanted – *

Posted: September 8, 2013 in 2008, Action, USA, X

Watch this movie

– if you think Angelina Jolie is hot when she beats guys with brass knuckles and shoots with back mirrored guns or shows her heavily tattooed back. Mind you though, that she shows absolutely NO acting skills at all. 

– if you want to see some real insane ways to kill people. Mind you though, they are SO far fetched that you cannot even try them at home.

– if you want to see some great visual effects that look like they are 3D but aren’t at all. Mind you though, there is NO three-dimensional version of this movie, which is weird, because it would be a cool 3D movie.

– if you do NOT want to use your brains at all.