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I still don’t understand why this documentary doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s a very entertaining pre reality tv concert movie documentary. Sure it’s about Madonna and it’s ALL about Madonna. Even when it’s about somebody else (dancers, make up artists, fans, family, old friends), it still is ALL about Madonna.

But you know what, 22 years after I first saw it, it still rules! The concert moments are brilliant. Madonna was at her peak during the Blond Ambition tour. Her live version of Like A Virgin on that bed is still provocative, daring and plain awesome. The documentary moments also stood the test of time. Sure, Madonna comes across as an arrogant, heartless bitch. But she also comes across as an intelligent, funny, creative, thought-provoking  bitch. Critics say it’s all staged and that Madonna only shows what she wants to show. That may be true. But it’s pretty daring to show yourself as vicious and unsympathetic. 

Madonna is still around. Still making money going on tour, but no longer selling out stadiums or topping the charts. But she’s still there. I was just wondering whatever happened to the others. So i started to google all of them. Apart from the cameos. One of the dancers died, the others still dance somehow. But no longer with Madonna.

So whatever happened to all the other stars of the movie?

Niki Harris is a star herself of course. Here’s a funny interview with her .

Donna Delorey sings new age songs now. Boring. But here’s a clip from back in the days:

Melanie Crow, Madonna’s Assistant, got in some shit trouble when she didn’t pay a storage room rent and all the boxes were sold. Some of the boxes contained Madonna-related stuff.

Christopher Ciccone wrote a nasty book about his sister. Haven’t read it yet, but it’s on the book shelf. But here’s an interview of the guy.

I found this clip about Oliver Crumers, the homophobic solo straight dancer, who looks the most gay of them all.

I found this article about Kevin Stea (who really isn’t all that present in the movie)

Gabriel Trupin died of Aids. He also sued Madonna. One of the reasons was that she exposed his homosexuality. duh!!!!!!!

Luis Camacho, the gay bitch, is still choreographing and even has a website!

Slam – Salim Gauwloos is Flemish! He actually refers to Belgium in the beginning of the movie when he calls the rain in Japan ‘Belgian stress’. He’s still around:

Jose Guitierez ! now he’s Jose Extravaganza. the lord of vogue. still vogueing

Carlton Wilborn gets naked in bed with Madonna at the end. And he has a website too. He’s a coach now.

Sharon Gault, the make up girl who got raped, is still a make up artists.

Madonna’s make up artist Joanne Gaire has a website. She’s not really visual in the movie though.

Back in the early nineties, when I made a top 100 list of my favorite movies of all times, Back To The Future came third after Jaws and The Temple Of Doom. It probably wouldn’t make my top 10 anymore – Amelie, Cidade de Deus, Entre Les Murs, etc… would get the bronze medal now -, but it’s still a classic. I’ve seen this cheesy scifi romcom at least a dozen of times. But the last time must have been 25 years ago. If not longer. It was time for some REAL 80’s nostalgia! And I loved it!

I had forgotten a few key moments in the movies, but I could still quote several lines ahead of time. “Hello, Hello, Anybody Home?” (Biff knocking on McFly’s head) “I am your density!’ (McFly trying to ask Loraine out for a date). Okay, the humor in this movie is more of the slapstick kind and too silly to be sophisticated, but I remembered laughing so hard as a kid with this movie that the memory made me laugh as much now. It still works though. The story is still quite fresh and it’s very remarkable that 1985 doesn’t look all that long ago. Marty goes 30 years back in time and sees an environment that is very different from what he’s used to. But if someone in 2015 would go back in time to 1985, the changes wouldn’t be so big. And it wouldn’t be as funny. I hope there will never be a remake. This is a timeless comedy classic. The special effects may feel a bit outdated, but the story and the acting – though over the top – is sill impressive. I still enjoyed every single minute of it (apart from maybe the overlong build up to the lightning moment at the end). So this favorite passed the test of time.




Sunshine – **1/2

Posted: October 30, 2013 in 2007, Science Fiction, UK, USA, XX1/2

My first Blue Ray dvd on a HD tv screen: Sunshine.

Couldn’t have picked a better movie. The sound effects, the image quality, the futuristic atmosphere. Hooray for my new home cinema purchase!

Apart from the last 20 minutes, I really enjoyed this movie. There’s suspense, there’s some realism in all the science fiction, the acting is okay, and the technical features are awesome.

It’s about a mission towards the sun, where some astronauts needs to drop a bomb to save humankind on earth. That’s the premise. Of course, once they actually get past Mercury things don’t go as planned and decisions need to be made. Enter: drama, action, suspense and adventure.

But that end! Boring! Ridiculous!

Maybe better to wear sunglasses while watching the movie.

Favela Rising – 1/2

Posted: October 30, 2013 in 2005, Brasil, Documentary

Favela Rising is a documentary about a musical movement (AfroReggae) that gives a way out to all those kids and young adults in the Rio favela’s who don’t really want to be part of the drug trafficking.

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, this is such a badly made documentary that you lose all interest in the noble cause of the movement.

The editing is TERRIBLE.  It’s annoying. The movie constantly fades to black in between scenes. You get long shots, you get a collection of still pictures, you get slow motion, you get images in fast forward, … It’s like the director had NO vision at all about how this documentary should LOOK like. He shot a lot of material and then kind of glued it together without any plan whatsoever.

Sure,  it’s low budget,  but still. If you don’t have the money or the talent to make another Cidade de Deus or Tropa De Elite, then just stick to telling the story. Choose a more conventional documentary style and focus on the positiveness of the story. Because what i’ll remember tomorrow is that life in the favelas STILL sucks, regardless of this project. And I don’t think that’s the purpose.


I finally got around to see Homeland, the much appreciated Showtime terrorist thriller drama.

I’ll be brief: I liked it.

I just wished I had seen the show when it came out and not after I already have heard/read/seen snippets of what’s happening in the next seasons. That kind of took away all the suspense.

The writing is good. Great even. But I’m not impressed with the acting. Sorry. I’m watching Danes and that ginger dude Lewis and I’m thinking: replace them with other (good) actors and you’ll have an equally good (if not better) show.

Killin’ Em Softly – **

Posted: October 27, 2013 in 2000, Stand Up, USA, XX

After watching Kevin Hart, I felt like watching Dave Chapelle. He’s way funnier. Sure, he plays the race card all too often, but he’s funny.

Laugh At My Pain – *1/2

Posted: October 27, 2013 in 2011, Stand Up, USA, X

Felt like laughing, watched Laugh At My Paina documentary and stage show recording of Kevin Hart. It’s my introduction to Kevin Hart. Not so sure why he is so successful. He’s funny at times. Like a lot of comedians are funny at times. But I did laugh. Didn’t quite get the bank robbing parody. But the introduction to the comedian’s past life in Philadelphia is okay. And the interview by Larry King of Kevin’s dad before the end credits was ‘interesting’.