Sunshine – **1/2

Posted: October 30, 2013 in 2007, Science Fiction, UK, USA, XX1/2

My first Blue Ray dvd on a HD tv screen: Sunshine.

Couldn’t have picked a better movie. The sound effects, the image quality, the futuristic atmosphere. Hooray for my new home cinema purchase!

Apart from the last 20 minutes, I really enjoyed this movie. There’s suspense, there’s some realism in all the science fiction, the acting is okay, and the technical features are awesome.

It’s about a mission towards the sun, where some astronauts needs to drop a bomb to save humankind on earth. That’s the premise. Of course, once they actually get past Mercury things don’t go as planned and decisions need to be made. Enter: drama, action, suspense and adventure.

But that end! Boring! Ridiculous!

Maybe better to wear sunglasses while watching the movie.

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