Classic : Back To The Future – ****

Posted: October 31, 2013 in 1985, Children/Family, Comedy, Science Fiction, USA, XXXX

Back in the early nineties, when I made a top 100 list of my favorite movies of all times, Back To The Future came third after Jaws and The Temple Of Doom. It probably wouldn’t make my top 10 anymore – Amelie, Cidade de Deus, Entre Les Murs, etc… would get the bronze medal now -, but it’s still a classic. I’ve seen this cheesy scifi romcom at least a dozen of times. But the last time must have been 25 years ago. If not longer. It was time for some REAL 80’s nostalgia! And I loved it!

I had forgotten a few key moments in the movies, but I could still quote several lines ahead of time. “Hello, Hello, Anybody Home?” (Biff knocking on McFly’s head) “I am your density!’ (McFly trying to ask Loraine out for a date). Okay, the humor in this movie is more of the slapstick kind and too silly to be sophisticated, but I remembered laughing so hard as a kid with this movie that the memory made me laugh as much now. It still works though. The story is still quite fresh and it’s very remarkable that 1985 doesn’t look all that long ago. Marty goes 30 years back in time and sees an environment that is very different from what he’s used to. But if someone in 2015 would go back in time to 1985, the changes wouldn’t be so big. And it wouldn’t be as funny. I hope there will never be a remake. This is a timeless comedy classic. The special effects may feel a bit outdated, but the story and the acting – though over the top – is sill impressive. I still enjoyed every single minute of it (apart from maybe the overlong build up to the lightning moment at the end). So this favorite passed the test of time.




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