Behind The Candelabra – ***

Posted: November 4, 2013 in 2013, biopic, Dramedy, LGBT themed, Romance, USA, XXX

Now, this is an entertaining biopic! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this account of the relationship between Liberace, an extravagant Las Vegas piano man, and his much younger lover. The acting is excellent, the story switches from light drama to light comedy, and the period setting is impeccable. But it’s very forgettable. A great tv movie (made for HBO) that is shown in theaters all over Western Europe.

Everyone raves about Michael Douglas playing Liberace, and he is amazing, but Matt Damon does a better job as Scot Thorson, his younger lover. There’s too much Douglas in Liberace, but there’s little Damon in Scot. They act very natural and the scenes they have together make perfect sense. From the love-making in the beginning to the screaming in the end. There are some funny lines and the exuberant lifestyle of the showman alone just makes you laugh. Rob Lowe is hilarious as a cosmetic surgeon who has done one too many surgeries himself. But it’s not a comedy. It a romance about two people in need of each other. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


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