Meek’s Cutoff – **

Posted: November 12, 2013 in USA, Western, XX

Meek’s Cutoff follows a group of pioneers on their way to the West in the mid 1840s. They hired a guy to guide them in the right direction, but the two-weeks journey already lasts more than five weeks and the area becomes more and more barren, cold and dry. The guide is their only way out of this desert, but nobody trusts him anymore. Then out of nowhere comes a native american which they are able to take prison. Maybe he knows the way to the fertile valley they have been hoping to reach for over a month now.

Nice set up. Nice cinematography. Nice set design. Nice directing too. But… silly story development with inexplicable twists.

A tad boring really. But it’s such a relief to see someone scenes where the camera stands still and the action just takes place in front of them. No video clip style editing, no chases, no aerial shots. It’s like you’re watching the scenes from behind the hills where none of the characters can spot you.

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